Rimless Toilets

Rim free toilet designs are one of the newest and biggest feature upgrades for the humble toilet in recent years.  Although they look exactly like a standard toilet from the outside, when you lift the seat you’ll find no ‘rim’ on the inside of the toilet… no rim = nowhere for the germs to hide!!

The absence of a rim also makes the toilet a lot quicker and easier to clean.

A common question with rimless toilets is “will the water splash out of the pan?” – the simple answer is, no.  All of the rimless toilets in our range have been independently tested to ensure that when flushed, even with a high power and high volume cistern, no water will escape the pan.  When flushing the water rushes around the edge of the pan washing everything away with one clean “swoosh!” - you’ll notice that we have more round rimless toilets than square ones, this is because many of the square options available haven’t passed out “anti-splash” test – the square front of the pan often causes issues with water direction so we make sure to remove these from our range.

We’re 100% confident youll find a toilet to suit your stile among our selection of wall hung rimless toilets, close coupled rimless toilets and back to wall rimless toilets – as well as traditional styles.

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