Double Ended Baths

Double ended baths offer gorgeous sweeping lines and a hint of luxury which make a real statement in any bathroom. With the taps centred in the middle and a gentle slope at either end, a double ended bath can comfortably accommodate two bathers. A double ended slipper bath has the highest sides which provides maximum support but there many other styles of double ended freestanding baths too. A double ended shower bath gives you the best of both worlds, saving you space in your bathroom. Check out the range of high-quality double-ended baths available at Tradebase today.

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You may have heard of double ended baths but may not be sure exactly what they are. These modern, stylish tubs could be an ideal choice for your space, so here, we answer all your questions to help you make an informed decision about whether they’re right for you.

Should I choose a Single or Double Ended Bath?

If you’re trying to decide whether to choose a single ended bath or a double ended bath, you’ll need to know more about what a double ended bath actually is. While almost everyone is familiar with a traditional single ended bath, far fewer people have encountered a double ended tub. So here, we take a look at some of the key features of double ended baths.

What is a Double Ended bath?

A double ended bath, as you might imagine from the name, has two ends for sitting, rather than a single sloped end that only allows you to sit facing in one direction. A double ended bath is typically sloping at each end, so you can choose which end you prefer to sit at.

Another feature of double ended baths is that the taps and the waste pipe are located centrally along the long side of the tub rather than at one end. This allows you to sit comfortably at either end of the tub without having to deal with taps that prevent you from lying back.

There are two types of double ended bath – freestanding double ended tubs that can be placed anywhere in the room, or built-in double ended baths. A freestanding double ended bath is the perfect choice for a larger bathroom where you can make your tub a truly eye-catching feature of the space.

Why should I choose a Double Ended bath?

There are several reasons to consider choosing a double ended bath rather than a more commonly seen single ended one. Here are just some of the reasons why you may want to opt for this type of tub:

  • Style – many people think that double ended baths are more stylish than regular single ended tubs due to their more symmetrical look with two sloping sides.
  • An eye-catching feature - It’s also easier to make a feature of a double ended bath because the taps are mounted on the side.
  • Safety – As the taps are mounted on the side of the bath tub rather than at one end, you’ll never have to worry again about getting your toes stuck in the taps by accident!
  • Best for children – a double ended bath is often the best choice if you have young children who will be bathing in the tub. By default, the two sloping sides will keep them safely in the middle of the tub. It’s also easier to bathe two children together if you have this type of bath, saving yourself time and conserving water.
  • Two people can bathe together – as the bath has two sloping ends, you have the freedom to choose which side to lie at, or even to share your tub with another person. That makes your bathing experience even more luxurious.

Can I shower in a Double Ended bath?

Although technically it shouldn’t be possible to take a shower in a double ended bath but in fact there are a couple of solutions that could allow you to do so if you really wanted to.

As the bath is sloping at both ends, it isn’t possible to have a traditional shower bath with a shower screen fixed in position, but you can still stand under a rain head shower in the middle of the tub. That means you can mount a shower head in the ceiling over the middle of the bath tub that would allow you to stand safely under it.

Of course, you would need to use a longer shower screen to go with this option as you will be standing further down the tub and would need extra protection to prevent the water from splashing over the sides of the tub and soaking the floor.

While it’s possible in theory to shower in a double ended bath, it isn’t ideal if you’ll be showering regularly in your tub. While the above options will work, it’s best saved only for an occasional shower and not one on a daily basis. If you’re looking for a bath tub that’s also suitable for showering, there are other options that would probably suit you better such as a standard straight bath with a traditional shower screen.

Can I replace my Single Ended bath with a Double Ended one?

If you already have a single ended bath, you may be wondering whether it’s possible to replace it with a double ended one. The good news is that this is certainly possible. All you have to do is move the position of the waste pipe by just running a longer piece of pipe and move the position of the taps by running some longer tap pipes.

Key things to consider when choosing a Double Ended bath

If you’re trying to decide whether a double ended bath tub could be the right option for your bathroom, here are some things that you should weigh up before making your final choice:

  • They're not the best solution for showering – although, as outlined above, it’s technically possible to shower in a double ended bath, it isn’t the best option if you’re planning to use the shower over your bath on a regular basis.
  • They’re great for making an easy feature in the bathroom – they’re an especially good choice if you have a large bathroom and want to make your bath a focal point. A freestanding double ended bath tub will really catch the eye and give your bathroom plenty of aesthetic appeal.
  • They’re the best for children – if you’re bathing young children, a double ended bath is the most convenient and safe choice. Not only will the child be kept in the middle of the tub thanks to the two sloping sides, but it’s also possible to bathe two children together.

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