Traditional Freestanding Baths

Enjoy a classically elegant look with a traditional freestanding bath, a stunning centrepiece for any bathroom. Available in a range of sizes and styles, the traditional freestanding baths here at Tradebase can transform your bathroom design.

From roll-top to claw-foot baths, it’s possible to choose from many different types of traditional freestanding bath to get the bathroom you love. We believe all the little details matter, so you can select the bath you want, including details such as the taps. Create a place of indulgent luxury where you can pamper yourself and relax in sumptuous style.

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If you’re renovating your bathroom but still prefer classic styles, you may be considering choosing a traditional bath. Retro-style bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular, and more people than ever are keen to emulate the Victorian look thanks to its timeless glamour and luxurious aesthetic, and one way to do this is to choose a traditional bath tub which allows you to recapture this beautiful style.

Traditional baths come in many different styles, so here we take a closer look at the various options available.

The Different Types of Traditional Bath

When you’re thinking about traditional baths, you’re probably thinking about traditional freestanding baths with feet however, there are several other traditional bath styles too.

  • Freestanding baths – a freestanding bath is usually what you think of first when you conjure up traditional baths in your mind. Classically Victorian in style, these baths often have feet and can be placed anywhere in the room. There are several different styles of freestanding bath, but many of them have a classic vintage look that is an ideal choice for any traditionally-themed bathroom.
  • Roll top baths – as you might imagine from the name, a roll top bath has an elegant rounded rim that adds a sophisticated look to your bathroom. These may have feet or be flush with the floor.
  • Slipper baths – named after their shape, a slipper bath looks similar to a slipper, with one high end that the user’s back can rest against as they soak in the tub. Slipper baths are usually flush with the floor and have no feet.

If you love to lie back in the water and just relax, a slipper bath may be an excellent option for you as the higher back rest gives you optimal support during your bathing session.

  • Freestanding corner or shower baths – a freestanding corner bath can be placed in the corner of the room for a space-saving solution without compromising on style. Although many corner baths are fixed into the corner, it’s also possible to find freestanding models that give you the added aesthetic of a traditional tub without taking up too much of your room – ideal for compact bathrooms.

A freestanding shower bath combines the convenience of a shower with the luxury of a bath in one convenient unit. This allows you to save valuable floor space in your room with no need for a separate shower cubicle while also creating an attractive, traditional aesthetic, and enjoying the benefit of being able to choose whether to take a bath or a shower whenever you need to wash.

  • Straight baths with 'traditional styling' – straight baths are what you think of when you think about a standard tub. With a classic rectangular shape, they come in a range of different widths and lengths, so they can fit easily into even compact bathrooms.

They come in many different designs and materials too, but ones that have a traditional look could be the perfect choice for your traditionally-themed bathroom space.

Why Choose a Traditional Bath?

If you’re considering choosing a traditional bath, you’re probably keen to choose this style because of its classic good looks. Freestanding tubs are especially easy to turn into a centrepiece of your bathroom and they can be a lovely focal point in your space. If you’re looking for a way to create an eye-catching bathroom, choosing a traditional freestanding tub could be the best possible way of achieving this goal.

If you live in a period property, a traditional bath tub is an obvious choice as it will perfectly complement the existing aesthetic of your home, however traditional tubs can also work equally well in more modern builds as long as the look of your bathroom has been carefully designed to be cohesive and complementary.

If you invest in a stylish freestanding tub, you may also be able to make savings on other areas of your room since the tub will be its main feature. You may also want to choose a traditional bath if you love to soak in the tub and really relax in the warm water. Freestanding tubs are usually deeper than a standard bath and so allow you to really enjoy your bathing experience to the max.

Can I put a Traditional Bath in a Small Bathroom?

It’s entirely possible to put a traditional bath tub in a small bathroom, the key is to choose the right type of traditional bath. Although a large freestanding roll top tub with decorative feet may overwhelm your compact space, there are traditional baths that work well in small rooms such as freestanding corner tubs or traditionally-styled straight baths.

Are Freestanding Traditional Baths Comfortable?

You need have no concerns about a freestanding traditional bath being uncomfortable. The most up to date traditional freestanding baths incorporate the latest ergonomic designs for complete comfort when lounging in the tub. With the waste pipes and taps kept well out of the way, and with curving interiors, you’ll love relaxing in the warm water in your freestanding bath.

Although the latest freestanding traditional baths come in a choice of materials, all have been chosen for the comfort that they provide for the user. As freestanding traditional baths are also usually deeper than standard tubs, so they allow you to fully soak your body for an immersive bathing experience.

Can I use a Standard Bath in a Traditional style Bathroom?

Although you may love the idea of a traditional freestanding bath but unfortunately, not every bathroom is the right shape or size to accommodate this type of tub. Luckily, it’s entirely possible to use a standard bath in your traditional style bathroom as long as you make the right choices when it comes to fittings.

There are lots of different tap and bath panels to pick from, and many of those complement a traditionally-themed bathroom. Classic finishes for your taps such as brushed brass would work especially well with any standard bath to give it a classic look.


Not sure if a Traditional Bath is the style you're looking for?  Take a look at our Freestanding baths buying guide for some more inspiration on a statement bath!

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