About Us

At Tradebase, our mission is to operate in the real world. We know our customers are real people, doing real jobs, needing to make real money. We understand the importance of making sure products are available at the right price, and that when you buy a product it arrives when you actually need it. It’s no good otherwise is it?

What makes us special?

We consider ourselves different and a better choice for you. Here's why...


Our service is unchallenged

What’s service? We believe it’s providing you with the right product, at the right price, every time. Not just that, we then deliver it where you want it, on time and in full. More importantly,  we’ll treat you with the respect you deserve. We’ll actually let you know we appreciate your business, and you’ll know that you’ll never be taken for granted. Ever.

We’ve got what you’re looking for

We don’t want to cliché ‘our stock answer is yes’ but it’s true with Tradebase. We stock 1,000s of products. Yes, actually stock them. We know that you probably don’t use 1,000s products, but you can be sure that the products that you need will be in stock. Every time.

We’re fast in every way

Online ordering is still the fastest way of getting a product. We’ve built our website from the ground up to be faster, cutting down the nonsense, to just give you the information you actually need. This means it loads faster on your phone. Signal is not always that great, is it? We’ll get right on to your order as soon as it is placed. No delay, we’re fast!

We understand you

The best bit about us is that we understand you. We know the challenges a tradesman, handyman or diyer faces, better than any. We’re tradesmen ourselves, and we’ll assist with the frustrations and problems that can arise. Trust Tradebase.


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