Cloakroom Vanity Units

Big is beautiful, but so is small! Our cloakroom vanity units look stunning even in the smallest cloakrooms, bringing style and function in one compact package. Available in both single and double door designs, as well as corner units, Tradebase have a wide and varied selection of small cloakroom vanity units. Transform even the most bijou bathroom with a useful slimline vanity unit, complete with both basin and cupboards or shelving. Choose your favourite style and colour, and type of vanity unit from the broad range we have in stock. With soft touch doors and other flawless features, you won’t find better cloakroom vanity units anywhere else.

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If you have a cloakroom, you probably find storage a significant issue – after all, there’s virtually nowhere to keep all those essentials. That’s where cloakroom vanity units can prove to be indispensable.

Stylish and elegant, they bring extra function to any cloakroom in a compact package. You can choose from corner units, double door, and single door designs in a range of sizes, so it isn’t hard to find one that works well in your available space.

Cloakroom Vanity Units

Cloakroom vanity units are, essentially, small vanity units that are designed to fit into small spaces like cloakrooms which, traditionally, are compact and have few storage options.

Even the smallest cloakroom can benefit from a small vanity unit which can provide some vital additional space where accessories and towels can be kept hidden from view for a tidier and more organised space.

A cloakroom vanity unit is only 200 – 250mm in depth, and although they come in different sizes are often just 400mm wide, making them the perfect size for compact rooms. They also feature a side tap hole.

Are Cloakroom Vanity Units a good idea?

If you have a cloakroom with little or no storage, a cloakroom vanity unit can be indispensable. Not only can it hide the exposed pipework, making the room look more attractive and tidy, but it also offers a convenient location to store essentials away from sight. Cloakroom vanity units are also very easy to fit, making them a convenient choice for your home.

The different types of Cloakroom Vanity unit

Just like regular vanity units, cloakroom vanity units come in a range of popular styles to suit all tastes and spaces. You can choose from:

Floorstanding vanity units – these are the same as the freestanding units available for larger bathrooms but in a more compact size.

Wall hung vanity units – if you’re looking for an excellent space saving solution, a wall hung vanity unit will go you not only additional storage inside the unit itself but also beneath it since it floats above the floor. These units also allow for easier cleaning of your bathroom since you can access the space below it with ease.

Corner vanity units – if you need the ultimate in space saving convenient, a corner vanity unit is the perfect choice, tucking perfectly into the corner of your room and maximising your available floor space.

Traditional vanity units – a smaller version of the traditional standard-sized vanity unit, these pieces of furniture have a classic look.

Modern vanity units – these are sleek and streamlined and incorporate the most contemporary details.

What is the smallest vanity unit available?

If you have a particularly compact cloakroom, you’ll need to know whether you can find a vanity unit to fit. The smallest available vanity unit measures just 400mm in width and just 220mm in depth from front to back. It also has the tap located at the side of the basin to maximise the available space.

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