Wall Mounted Vanity Units

Wall mounted vanity units provide all the practical storage while creating a real feeling of space. Leaving the floor free can make even the smallest bathrooms look a lot bigger, without sacrificing any the functionality. Wall hung vanity units come in a wide variety of sizes so you can pick whatever you need in the style of your choice. With drawers, cupboards, or a combination of both, it’s possible to opt for wall mounted vanity units with or without a sink. Available in a range of colours and finishes, add a wall mounted vanity unit from trade base to complete your bathroom decor.

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Bathroom vanity units are rapidly becoming a popular choice in all kinds of bathrooms. Not only do they add style but they also add function thanks to their integrated storage. It isn’t surprising, then, that they’re becoming a must-have for many homeowners carrying out bathroom renovations, and they are a modern alternative to the classic washbasin and pedestal.

If you like the idea of a vanity unit but lack the floor space for a freestanding version, a wall hung vanity unit is the ideal solution. With a combined basin and vanity unit, you can maximise the available space in your room, and thanks to its floating appearance above the floor, it adds a contemporary aesthetic to your home.

Wall Hung Vanity Units

Wall hung vanity units have long been popular in Europe, and now they’ve made their way to the UK. They’re a great choice for compact bathrooms as they are, as the name suggests, hung on the wall, leaving a free space beneath for extra storage and easier cleaning.

Wall mounted vanity units come in many different sizes and styles as well as different colours, so there’s sure to be one that works perfectly in your space. While some have only integrated cupboards, others come with integral drawers too, giving you plenty of storage space in rooms where storage is at a premium.

A wall mounted vanity unit can work in any type of bathroom from an ensuite or cloakroom to a large family bathroom.

Why should you choose a Wall Mounted Vanity Unit

The most common reason for choosing a Wall mounted vanity unit is for practical reasons. This type of unit gives you more storage than either a basin and pedestal or a wall hung basin alone. Since storage is often lacking in modern bathrooms, it’s easy to see why wall mounted units have become such a popular choice.

Since wall mounted units come in different sizes, they are ideal for addition to your cloakroom, ensuite, or family bathroom. There are narrow versions available that are small enough to fit into the most compact spaces, as well as much larger double basin options that are perfect for a large room.

Add into that the fact that they are incredibly stylish. They bring a contemporary look to your home thanks to their modern, designer look. They come in an extensive range of sizes, colours, and styles, so there’s something for everyone. Thanks to their modern look, they are often a way of injecting some colour into a plain bathroom décor, and they can create an eye-catching feature.

Wall mounted vanity units are also easy to fit. So long as the pipes can go into the wall and the wall is strong enough to support the weight of the unit, they are relatively simple to install, making them the simplest and most cost-effective way of adding a high end feel to your bathroom.

One further advantage of a wall mounted vanity unit is that it leaves space free beneath it. Not only does that give you a place to store small items such as your bathroom scales without them getting in the way, but it also makes it far easier to clean your bathroom floor and beneath your cabinets. This is traditionally a problem with freestanding units and classic basin and pedestal combinations, so it’s another reason why wall hung vanity units are a popular choice.

What are the different options?

There are plenty of different options when it comes to wall hung vanity units. You can choose from any of the following:

  • Modern wall hung vanity units in the latest colours and with the most up to date handle designs. Modern units have a sleek and streamlined look that works especially well in contemporary minimalistic bathrooms.
  • Traditional countertop basins that have a vessel basin sitting on top of the worktop.
  • Double basin units. These are wall hung vanity units that come with two separate basins for a his and hers style bathroom. Offering twice as much storage space and a more convenient solution for two people using the bathroom simultaneously, these are popular in ensuites and larger family bathrooms.
  • Door and drawer units. While some units only have cupboard space beneath, there are some that come with integrated drawers for more convenient storage of smaller items.
  • Cloakroom wall hung units. These are smaller in size and fit perfectly into the more compact space of a cloakroom.

Are Wall Hung Vanity Units more expensive?

Wall hung vanity units have a reputation for being expensive, but that isn’t necessarily the case. In general, designer vanity units are wall mounted, and therefore, this has given rise to a misconception that all wall mounted units are costly. In fact, you can find a wall mounted vanity unit available for around the same price as a freestanding unit.

How do you hang a Vanity Unit on a wall?

Hanging a vanity until on your bathroom wall may seem challenging, but it’s no more complex than fitting a wall hung kitchen cabinet. In fact, they are fitted in exactly the same way. The bracket simply fits onto the wall then the vanity unit comes with an adjustable bracket that hooks onto it. You may be able to hang a wall mounted vanity unit yourself if you have the right skills and experience, but if you have any concerns, using the services of a professional is always a good idea.

What height should a wall hung vanity be?

As a wall hung vanity unit is attached to the wall, there is some leeway in the height it can be fixed at. In general, though, most people set them so that the top of the basin measures around 800mm – 850mm from the ground. That is the best height for practicality during use.

You should bear in mind that if you have chosen a unit with a countertop vessel, the unit needs to be placed at a lower height on the wall so that the top of the vessel won’t be too high up to use comfortably. Another consideration when determining the height of your wall hung vanity unit is the height of the taps if they are going to be wall hung too.

How much weight can a Wall Hung Vanity Units hold?

Many people are concerned that a wall hung vanity unit will not be able to take a lot of weight and could present a health and safety hazard to anyone using the space if it fell off the wall. In fact, wall hung units are very robust and solid, and can take as much as 100kg of weight without any difficulty. Although a wall hung vanity is unlikely to fall off the wall under weight, if it is subjected to prolonged excess weight, it will eventually cause damage, so that is something that should be borne in mind.

Can you hang a vanity unit on a stud wall?

Wall mounted vanity units can certainly be hung on a stud wall. In fact, they are suitable for mounting on any kind of sturdy wall, but stud walls are an especially good choice since they are typically easier to fit the pipework through than a standard wall.

What else do I need to consider?

Perhaps the most significant consideration to keep in mind when choosing a wall hung vanity unit for your home is the amount of space of you have available. It can be all-too-easy when choosing a wall hung unit to forget about the space they take up as they don’t reach all the way down to the floor.

However, if you happen to hang one in the wrong location, you could find that you can no longer open your bathroom door fully! It’s essential to measure the available space in your bathroom to check that there is sufficient room available to fit your chosen unit in, and also that there is enough space to stand in front of the unit to use it, and to open the drawers and cupboards fully.

Since a wall hung unit will need to be fixed to a strong wall, you’ll also need to think carefully about where the unit will be placed. It’s possible to fit your unit to a panelled or stud wall, but you may require some additional framework in order to support the weight of the basin. A professional fitter will be able to give you their advice about this.

Although technically it may be possible to fit a wall hung vanity unit yourself, we would always recommend that you hire the services of a professional to install your unit in your bathroom, especially when it comes to handling the pipework and plumbing.

A professional will ensure that your unit is fitted correctly and won’t accidentally fall off your wall due to poor installation. They will also be able to ensure that the taps and water supply have been correctly connected so that they are safe for use.

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