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What Is A Shower Kit?

Shower kits are sometimes known as shower sets. Essentially, they are a full set of showering components that gives you everything you need to install your shower. Buying a full shower kit is a cost-effective and convenient choice if you want to save time, effort, and money when installing your new shower.

What’s Included?

A shower kit comes complete with all of the vital elements required to install a working shower. The primary components that come in shower sets are the valve heads and outlets, but other additional parts are supplied too. These may include a slide rail kit, the handset, hoses, and even bath overflow fillers.

Exposed or Concealed?

There are two different types of shower kits: Concealed kits or Exposed kits.

Concealed shower kits have all of the components concealed inside the wall while the shower head and other outer components are mounted on arms. On the other hand, an exposed shower kit has all of the valves, pipework and other components physically mounted on the wall so that they can be seen.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of shower kit:

Exposed - Pros:

  • This type of shower kit is easy to fit as it doesn’t involve concealing any components inside the wall.
  • This type of shower set is a particularly good choice for a traditional style shower.
  • Often, exposed shower kits are more affordable than concealed kits.
  • Exposed shower kits are also very easy to maintain when compared with concealed ones as all of the components are right there and visible.

Exposed - Cons:

  • The main downside to an exposed shower kit is that it is less minimalistic than a concealed shower due to the components being on display. That makes this type of shower kit less suited to contemporary-style bathrooms.
  • An exposed kit only allows a maximum of two outlets.

Concealed - Pros:

  • A concealed shower kit has a minimalist and modern design that works especially well in contemporary bathrooms.
  • There is a wide range of different outlet options, heads and arms to suit all tastes and preferences.
  • A concealed shower kit can also be used for filling the bath by using the bath overflow filler.
  • There are lots of different colour and finish options to work with any style of bathroom décor.

Concealed - Cons:

  • The primary downside of a concealed shower kit is that it is normally more expensive to purchase than an exposed shower set.
  • It is also a more complex job to install this type of shower kit as it must be installed behind the wall.
  • Concealed shower kits aren’t always compatible with every bathroom. You’ll need to check out the wall material and some other elements first before choosing one.

How Many Outlets/Heads?

You can choose between three different options – 1 outlet, 2 outlets, or 3 outlets. The most popular choice is 2 outlets. A 2 outlet option allows you to have both a handheld shower and an overhead rainfall shower head. If you go for a model with 3 outlets, one is typically used for filling the bath (when used as an over bath shower). The number of outlets you should choose will depend on your personal preference as well as your available budget.

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