Close Coupled Toilets

The original… close coupled toilets are the toilet with a cistern sat on the back of the pan, by far the most popular option in British bathrooms, one of the main reasons is because of the easy fitting and maintenance.

Choose a fully back to wall close coupled toilet if you’re looking to hide unsightly waste pipes and want to remove space for dust to gather behind the toilet… another way that you can help improve hygiene in and around the toilet is to go for a rimless close coupled toilet – the absence of a rim inside the toilet removes a place for the germs to hide!

Short projection toilets are a great option for small cloakrooms and bathrooms where you’re looking to save space, our shortest options are less than 600mm deep which allows for plenty of room in even the most compact of rooms!

If you’re looking to complete a “period style” bathroom, take a look at our range of traditional close coupled toilets.

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Why choose a Close Coupled Toilet?


When it comes to choosing the perfect toilet for your bathroom, the options can seem overwhelming. Close coupled toilets are a popular choice among homeowners, offering a stylish and functional design that fits well into a variety of bathroom spaces. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about close coupled toilets, from their unique features to the different styles available. With this information at your fingertips, you'll be well-equipped to select the perfect close coupled toilet for your bathroom.


What is a Close Coupled Toilet?


A close coupled toilet features a design where the cistern is attached directly to the toilet pan, creating a compact and stylish appearance. This design not only saves space but also simplifies installation, making it a popular choice for both contemporary and traditional bathrooms.


Different Types of Close Coupled Toilets:


Fully Back to Wall (Closed Back):

Britton Bathrooms Sphere Close Coupled WC including seat

A streamlined design where the toilet pan goes the whole way back to the wall, concealing the pipework.  Its important to note the difference between a 'Back to Wall Toilet' which is a toilet where the cistern is hidden in the wall, and a close coupled fully back to wall toilet...


Open Backed:

Fairford Sierra Close Coupled Toilet with Sandwich Seat

An open back design that allows for easy access to pipework, ideal for maintenance purposes.


Comfort Height:

Fairford Hora Comfort Height Close Coupled Toilet with Seat

Designed with a higher seat, these toilets provide added comfort for the elderly, taller individuals, or those with mobility issues.


Short Projection:

Fairford Grove Close Coupled Rimless Toilet with Wrapover Seat

Perfect for small spaces, these toilets have a shorter projection from the wall, making the most of the available space.


Rimless Close Coupled Toilets:

Fairford Sierra Close Coupled Toilet with Sandwich Seat

These innovative toilets feature a rimless design, improving hygiene and making cleaning a breeze.


Corner Close Coupled Toilets:

Designed to fit snugly into a bathroom corner, optimizing space utilization.


Toilet Styles:


Britton Bathrooms Curve2 rimless open back close coupled WC including soft close seat

Modern and contemporary toilets showcase a sleek and minimalist design, perfect for homeowners who appreciate clean lines and a clutter-free environment. These toilets often incorporate cutting-edge technology and innovative features, enhancing the bathroom experience while making it more comfortable and functional.


Characteristics of Modern / Contemporary Toilets:


  1. Clean Lines and Simple Shapes – Modern toilets often feature geometric shapes with smooth, uninterrupted surfaces. This design element adds to their minimalist appeal, giving them a streamlined and stylish look.

  2. Space-Saving Features – Many modern toilets are designed to maximize space, making them ideal for small or compact bathrooms. Wall-mounted or floating toilets are particularly popular in contemporary bathrooms, as they create an illusion of more space by keeping the floor area clear.



Fairford Hexam Close Coupled Toilet, excludes Seat

Traditional and Victorian toilets are characterized by their elegant, classic design, reminiscent of the opulence and grandeur of the Victorian era. With intricate detailing and timeless appeal, these toilets are perfect for those who wish to create a vintage-inspired or period-style bathroom.


Characteristics of Traditional / Victorian Toilets:

  1. Ornate Details – One of the key features of traditional and Victorian toilets is their attention to detail. These toilets often feature , beveled edges, and decorative flourishes, giving them a unique and luxurious appearance.

  2. Classic Shapes – Unlike the geometric simplicity of modern toilets, traditional and Victorian toilets tend to have more rounded, organic shapes. These softer contours contribute to their timeless appeal and classic elegance.


How to Choose a Close Coupled Toilet:

  1. Space: Consider a short projection toilet if you have limited space in your bathroom.
  2. User Needs: Opt for a comfort height toilet if it will be used by the elderly, taller individuals, or those with mobility issues.
  3. Design: Choose between modern/contemporary or traditional/Victorian styles to suit your bathroom's aesthetic.
  4. Maintenance/Hygiene: Select a rimless close coupled toilet for improved hygiene and easier cleaning.
  5. Environmental and Money Saving: Look for dual flush or water-saving features to reduce water consumption and save on utility bills.

Browse our extensive collection of close coupled toilets and find the perfect fit for your bathroom today!



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