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Browse our massive range of bath screens.  Whether you’re looking for a replacement or new bath shower screen we’re confident we’ll have an option or design to suit your style.

Available in folding, hinged, sliding and fixed configurations and in a variety of popular finishes, we’ve got screens for all types of bath, from L shaped and P shaped shower baths to standard straight baths.

All of our screens are made from toughened safety glass and are easy to clean.

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Best Sellers

Although choosing the right shower is essential, if you’re opting for an overbath shower, you’ll need to choose the right shower screen too, particularly if a shower curtain isn’t for you. Many people find that a bath screen is the ideal alternative to a shower curtain, not only because it is more modern and stylish, but also because it’s easier to keep hygienically clean.

Mildew and mould often build up on shower curtains, whereas a shower screen can be wiped down with ease.

A bath shower screen is the perfect way to keep your bathroom splash-free during showers. It is a glass panel that prevents water from leaking out from the combined shower and bath setup. A shower screen for a bath is fixed onto the wall with a hinge and will be made out of glass to create a low maintenance solution for any bathroom.

The different types of bath screens

There are many different types of bath screen to choose from, ensuring that there will be one that works with your style of bath and your bathroom décor. Here, we take a look at some of the most common styles of screens that you’ll find on the market today.


A straight bath shower screen is a popular choice thanks to its simplicity. It involves just one glass pane that is fixed in position. You can silicone around this type of shower screen to minimise the likelihood of any water leaks, which makes this kind of screen ideal if you have any concerns about water damage to your floor or other bathroom components.

L shape

An L-shaped bath screen fits an l-shaped bath, often coming with a smaller hinged section that prevents water from splashing out of the side. Since this style of bath is becoming more popular, more l-shaped bath screens to match are now being introduced to the market.

B shape

A B-shaped bath screen has a curve in it to fit a B-shaped shower bath, accommodating the B-shaped curve of the tub itself. There are also P shaped screens that fit P-shaped bath tubs.

Fixed Hinged

A fixed hinged bath screen be moved via a single fixed hinge to allow for easier access into the enclosure as well as easier cleaning. There are many straight bath screens to choose from including curving ones and ones that are elegantly cut to create a stylish aesthetic.


Similar to a fixed hinged screen, a folding shower screen has more than one hinge, allowing for it to be opened in several ways. Bifolding screens are popular, but one that has multiple sections can be folded up even more easily when not being used, and it can give far easier access when washing children or pets.

Stub screens

If you only need a small screen to protect your bathroom surfaces from water splashes, a stub screen could be just what you’re looking for. In some bathrooms, having a full shower screen for your bath may appear to take up too much room, but a stub screen is a short bath screen that measures 300mm or less.

While it helps to guard against water going everywhere, it is short enough so that the screen doesn’t appear to be dominating the compact room.

Over bath enclosures

An over bath enclosure can either partially or entirely enclose the bath to protect your shower area from the other bathroom areas and eliminating the risk of water getting everywhere. It can be an excellent privacy solution.

Glass thicknesses

Different bath screens come in different glass thicknesses, between 4mm and 8mm. The most common thickness is 6mm thick, but 4mm, 5mm, and 8mm options are also available. A thicker glass screen has a more luxurious look and feel but will be a lot heavier and will cost more. It’s worth bearing in mind that all thicknesses work in the same way.


There are many different bath screens to choose from in a variety of colours and shapes, so there’s sure to be something for every bathroom, whether modern or traditional. Some of the options include:


The two main shower screen shapes are

  • The Radius Curve, which has a curving top to the screen, making it ideal for round themed bathrooms.
  • The Rectangular Screen, which has a square top to the screen, making it best suited to square themed bathrooms.


Bath screens come with a choice of finishes to suit all different bathroom decors. The most popular include:

  • Chrome – this is the standard finish which creates a streamlined look for both modern and traditional bathrooms.
  • Matt black profiles as well as grid (crittal style) screens – these screens create a very modern look.
  • Brushed brass – this is an ideal choice of finish for a traditionally-styled bathroom.

Are bath screens a standard size?

When it comes to height, bath screens are generally between 1400mm and 1500mm in height. The vast majority of shower screens measure 1400mm high, but lengths may vary depending on the style of screen you opt for. Typically, a standard screen for use on a straight bath will measure between 770 and 800mm in length.

Bath screen cleaning and care

When compared with shower curtains, a bath screen is far easier to care for and clean. Mould and mildew don’t build up on the glass in the same way as it can on a shower curtain, and it’s far easier to wipe down a glass shower screen than to wash a fabric shower curtain.

Nevertheless, it’s still important to take care of your screen to ensure that it doesn’t get water stained. Wiping it down after every use will help to prevent staining. Also, since shower screens see a lot of use, it’s important to keep the seals clean in order to increase their useful lifespan. Take care to keep a close eye on all of the shower screen’s moving parts and make sure to replace them if they start to show signs of wear.

We recommend wiping down after each use as the will get water stained without They get a lot of use so keep the seals clean to increase lifetime Keep an eye on moving parts and replace if they start to get worn

Most popular

The most popular bath screens are, without doubt, the rectangular straight shower screens with a chrome finish. Following closely behind is the L shaped screen since L shaped baths are becoming increasingly popular. For homeowners who want to choose the most “on trend” look for their bathroom, the black grid style is a top choice.

Easy to fit

In most cases, a bath screen will be pretty easy and speedy to fit. If you’re installing a bath screen without one having been in place before, an experienced installer will only take between 1 and 2 hours to fit the new one. However, if you’re replacing an existing shower screen it may take longer to carry out the installation. That is because the profiles may need to match, which may take even an experienced installer a little longer to accomplish.

Furthermore, cleaning will also be necessary if the installer will be removing an existing shower screen, and that takes extra time too. They will need to remove any silicone or marks left behind by the previous bath screen before they can install the new one in its place.

Will they fit any bath?

Most baths will have a shower screen that will fit them. Even B shaped and L shaped baths have compatible bath screens that you can choose to ensure that water doesn’t get splashed all over your room. There are two exceptions though. If you have a corner bath, you won’t be able to find a shower screen to fit, and if you have a freestanding bath, it goes without saying that you won’t be able to find a shower screen to fit either.

Do bath screens leak?

It’s important to understand that, although bath screens are designed to minimise the amount of water that escapes from your shower and gets onto your bathroom floor, no bath screen can completely guarantee that there will be no leakage 100% of the time.

If you have concerns about leaking being a serious problem in your bathroom, the best option for you is to opt for a fixed shower screen that you can silicone all around. This will ensure that the minimum amount of water can escape onto your floor. Bear in mind that the more hinges and moving components a bath screen has, the more chance there is of leakage. Therefore, it’s best to steer clear of bifolding screens or those with multiple folding sections.

Now that you’re armed with the above information, you’ll be well-placed to make the right choice of shower screen for the bath in your home. With so many attractive options to pick from, there’s sure to be something to suit your preferences and to work perfectly with your chosen bath tub and bathroom décor.  

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