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Wall Hung Basin Buying Advice


Selecting the right basin for your bathroom isn’t always an easy task. With so many different options to pick from, it can be very confusing. With pedestal basins, vanity units, console basins, and more on the market, it’s difficult to decide which one will work best for your family, and look best in your space.

Wall hung basins are rapidly becoming one of the most popular choices among homeowners thanks to their many merits. If your bathroom is quite small, or you need a basin for a cloakroom or ensuite, a wall hung basin might be the right choice for you. Thanks to their compact design, they’re ideal for use in smaller rooms and they certainly don’t compromise on style.

A wall mounted basin is an attractive choice that can enhance your space and take it to a new level. So, read on to find out more about wall hung basins and why you might want to choose one.

What is a wall mounted basin?

Wall mounted basins are, essentially, a standard washbasin that is directly mounted onto a wall. As they don’t have a pedestal and don’t require a vanity unit for their installation, they’re a space saving option that works especially well in small cloakrooms.

Why should I choose a wall hung basin?

There are a number of benefits to choosing a wall hung basin for your space.

Firstly, they are a number of designer-look options available that can really bring any room up to date in a contemporary way. Thanks to their lack of a pedestal or vanity unit, they’re also ideal for creating a minimalistic look and feel in your bathroom. With their stripped back appearance, they’re an ideal choice for modern bathrooms, and as an added advantage, since there is no pedestal or unit with awkward spaces to clean, they’re a lower maintenance choice too.

If you have small children or people who are below average height in your home, a wall mounted basin could be ideal for you too, since there is more flexibility in the height that they can be placed at. Furthermore, a wall hung cloakroom basin is a great choice if you have to find appropriate fixtures and fittings for a particularly cramped room.

With nothing below a wall hung basin, you have a little more room for storage below which simply wouldn’t be possible with a pedestal basin, or you can simply enjoy having the extra floor space free.

Finally, wall hung basins can be an excellent low cost option if you’re renovating your bathroom on a tight budget. Although some wall hung basins come with a designer price tag, there are many more that are extremely affordable and will allow you to create a modern, attractive bathroom without compromising on style at a price that you can afford.

What are the different options?

There is no such thing as a “standard” wall mounted basin. There are countless sizes and styles to choose from. Essentially, you need to determine whether you’re selecting a model based on its price or its design and go from there because there is such a wealth of options.

In terms of size, wall hung basins can range from just 350mm to an enormous 1200mm, so there’s one for every space. When it comes to price, you’ll find that both the least and the most expensive options on the market are wall mounted, so there’s always going to be one within your budget.

Some of the different designs you can choose from include:

  • Semi pedestal basins – these are fixed onto a wall and have a half pedestal to conceal the unsightly pipework for a designer look to the unit. A semi pedestal basin works especially well in a modern bathroom thanks to its simplistic, sleek look.
  • Small and corner basins – these are designed for use in very tight spaces like cloakrooms as they take up minimal floor space. A corner basin mounts in the corner of the room, maximising the amount of floor space available. A small basin is mounted on a straight piece of wall, but is narrow to take up as little space as possible.
  • Modern wall hung basins – modern wall hung basins usually have simplistic, smooth lines and a sleek style that reflects the look of today’s on-trend bathrooms. As they appear to float on the bathroom wall, they’re a very contemporary choice that brings any space up to date.
  • Traditional wall hung basins – a traditional wall mounted basin will have a more elaborate design to bring a touch of old-fashioned glamour to the bathroom.

How many tap holes?

As wall mounted basins are quite compact by their nature, they tend to come with a single tap hole, or even no tap hole at all. Larger models may have two or even three tap holes, to accommodate a conventional tap set. If you opt for a basin with no tap hole, you can use a stylish wall mounted tap which will add even more aesthetic appeal to your room.

You’ll almost certainly want to choose taps that match the rest of your bathroom accessories, with a similar shape and finish, and fortunately, there is a wide variety of taps suitable for use in wall hung basins available for you to choose from. Bear in mind that if you’re opting for a small wall hung basin or a corner basin, you should choose mini taps so that they won’t take up too much room. These are smaller in size than regular taps but are just as practical.

What else do I need to consider?

One important thing to consider when choosing a wall hung basin is that the bottle trap will be exposed due to the design of the unit. It’s therefore best to opt for either a stylish chrome trap or one to match your chosen tap finish such as brushed brass or black. Although a standard white plastic bottle trap could be used, it won’t look very attractive and could spoil the look of your room.

One further thing to bear in mind is the strength of your wall. It’s vital to speak to your installer to ensure the wall you’ve chosen to mount your basin on is strong enough to take the weight. This is particularly the case if you’re opting for a large designer-style basin that is very heavy. In general, it’s best to mount a wall hung basin on a masonry wall as these are stronger and better able to support the additional weight.

When you’re choosing the right wall hung basin for you, it’s important to measure carefully before you make your final purchasing decision. Although a wall hung sink can maximise your available floor space, you’ll need to bear in mind that you’ll still need to be able to move around your bathroom and open and close your bathroom door. Therefore, you’ll need to check that your chosen position for your basin won’t obstruct your own or your door’s movement. Make sure, too, that you’ve left sufficient space in front of your washbasin so that you can use it comfortably.

Can countertop basins be wall hung?

In most cases, a countertop basin cannot be wall hung as the basin must have two fixing holes on its back to allow this. Most countertop basins don’t have these holes.

Can I use a pedestal basin as a wall mounted basin?

Technically, it’s possible to use a pedestal basin as a wall hung basin, however it’s important to be aware that the bottom of a wall hung basin is hidden by the shroud around its front, disguising the waste and pipework where it joins onto the basin. If you use a pedestal basin to mount to your wall this area isn’t hidden, so the overall aesthetic won’t be as attractive or streamlined.

Do I need support brackets for a wall hung basin?

Some wall hung basins do require support brackets, but if they do, they will be supplied with the basin. If your wall hung basin comes with no support brackets, that means that they are not needed. All that is required is to screw the basin onto the wall using the fixings that come with your chosen basin.

How much weight can wall hung basins hold?

In general wall hung basins can hold a maximum weight of around 100 kilograms, although this will vary depending on the style and the size of your chosen basin. In most cases, wall hung basins are robust enough to withstand the weight of somebody leaning on it, but it certainly won’t be able to take the weight of an adult sitting on it!

Now that you have all the information that you need to know about wall hung basins, you can make a well-informed decision about whether they’re the right choice for your bathroom renovation. With such a wide variety of sizes and designs to choose from, there’s sure to be a wall mounted washbasin in our extensive range that suits your preferences and your requirements.

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