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Over recent years, the pedestal basin has made a comeback. Although the basin pedestal was often thought to be somewhat outdated and old-fashioned, it has now begun to find a new home in contemporary bathrooms.

Pedestal basins are still a stylish choice for any bathroom, and work particularly well in smaller bathrooms and cloakrooms due to the minimal floor space that they take up. Since they come in many different styles, it’s also easy to find a pedestal basin that works with your chosen bathroom aesthetic, enhancing it and taking it to a whole new level of elegance and sophistication.

What is a Pedestal Basin?

At one time, pedestal basins were the only real choice for bathrooms, but now times have changed and there is a wealth of options when it comes to bathroom basin options. Wall hung models and vanity units have proven to be especially popular with homeowners over the last couple of decades, but nevertheless, the classic pedestal sink hasn’t gone away, and is still regularly seen in bathrooms up and down the UK.

So, what is a pedestal basin, and what sets it apart from the other types of basin on the market today?

In simple terms, a pedestal basin is one that’s mounted onto the wall and that has a pedestal beneath it. There are two parts – a leg on which the basin stands, and the basin itself. It is the leg that sets a pedestal basin apart from other models. While a wall hung basin is mounted onto a wall, it has no leg to support its weight. While a vanity unit hides the pipework of the basin, it does so with cabinets, not with a leg. Therefore, pedestal basins have quite a unique look that immediately sets them apart from other styles.

Pedestal basins are very traditional in design, and they were the first ever bathroom basins before the arrival of vanity units and wall hung sinks. The pedestal is designed to effectively hide the tap connections and pipework from sight, giving the bathroom a more attractive look since all of the unsightly components are hidden from view.

Originally, the full pedestal was used by the basin to support its weight, however nowadays, you often find the semi pedestal basin in modern homes – although the pedestal is fixed to a wall, it doesn’t support the basin’s weight.

Both styles of basin are still popular amongst all kinds of homeowners, and they represent a convenient and economical choice that will work well in all kinds of setting.

Why choose a pedestal basin?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to opt for a pedestal basin for your bathroom. Here are just a few of the possible benefits of opting for a pedestal basin or semi pedestal basin for your cloakroom, bathroom, or ensuite:

  • They are a lower cost option, making them perfect for anyone who is renovating their bathroom on a budget. Pedestal basins are among the more affordable basin styles, and they represent an effective way to cut the cost of a bathroom remodel without compromising on style or elegance.
  • They’re attractive and, despite their classical look, they can work in all styles of bathrooms since there are so many different looks available, including sleek, curving lines. You can easily find a pedestal basin or semi pedestal basin that works well in a modern bathroom as well as a traditional one.
  • They’re an extremely hard-wearing choice – there is nothing that can go wrong with this style of basin. Thanks to their sturdy design and construction they are a durable kind of basin that will last for a very long time.
  • They have a wonderfully traditional style that works perfectly in a period bathroom.
  • There is a wide variety of different tap hole options – you can choose from a 1 hole, 2 hole, or 3 hole basin to accommodate your chosen taps, allowing you to create the look that you desire effortlessly.
  • They’re an ideal choice if you’re replacing an existing basin since they’re simple and speedy to fit in your bathroom.
  • They are a great choice if you have a very small bathroom or cloakroom where you cannot hide the pipework with a vanity unit due to lack of space. They take up far less floor space than several other basin styles and so can create the illusion of more space in even the smallest bathroom.
  • Thanks to their simple and streamlined design, pedestal sinks are easy to clean and maintain. Since there is no countertop incorporated with the basin, there is no risk of clutter plaguing the bathroom, and the pedestal will leave the bathroom floor accessible and open, making it simple and quick to clean the floor around the basin.

Are pedestal basins outdated?

It’s fair to say that pedestal basins aren’t the most modern style of sink, but they’re far from being an outdated choice. They’re still the most popular basin choice for homeowners in the UK. They’re popular thanks to their low maintenance requirements and their affordable pricing. They’re also ideal for placement in a traditional style bathroom.

What type of waste do I need for a pedestal basin?

Most pedestal basins have an overflow. Therefore, for this style of basin you’re going to require a slotted basin waste. If the basin has no overflow, though, you’ll require an unslotted basin waste. If the basin comes with a chainstay hole, you’ll need to purchase a waste alongside a plug and chain.

It’s essential to choose the right type of waste to match your chosen basin as otherwise you’ll find that it doesn’t fit. Take the time to check the waste requirements of your preferred basin before you order to avoid making a costly error.

Although pedestal washbasins fell from favour for some time, they’re now back with a vengeance and it isn’t too hard to see why. With so many options to choose from, there’s sure to be something in our extensive pedestal basin range to suit your preferences and requirements, and to bring your bathroom up to date in an affordable and stylish way.

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