Vanity Units

Nothing ruins the appearance of a sophisticated bathroom more quickly than having lots of clutter lying around, but a carefully chosen vanity unit can provide you with all the storage you could ever need. The ideal way to stay organised and keep all your personal effects out of sight, vanity units are a bathroom essential. Bathroom vanity units are available in many different colours and styles including:


•          Under sink vanity unit

•          Vanity units without basin

•          Floor standing vanity units

•          Floor standing vanity units with basin

•          Wall mounted vanity unit

•          Cloakroom vanity unit

•          Corner vanity unit

•          Countertop vanity unit

•          Double vanity unit

•          Small vanity unit

•          Slimline vanity unity

•          Traditional vanity unit

•          Modern vanity unit


With vanity units in white, blue, black, wood and more, we’re confident you’ll find your perfect bathroom piece.

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  • Floor Standing Vanity Units
  • Wall Mounted Vanity Units
  • Double Vanity Units
  • Countertop Vanity Units
  • Cloakroom Vanity Units
  • Traditional Vanity Units
  • Corner Vanity Units
  • Wash Stands
  • 500mm Vanity Units
  • 500mm Wall Hung Vanity Units
  • Black Bathroom Furniture
  • Grey Bathroom Furniture
  • Blue Bathroom Furniture
  • 600mm Vanity Units
  • 600mm Wall Hung Vanity Units
  • Pink Bathroom Furniture
  • White Bathroom Furniture
  • Green Bathroom Furniture
  • 500mm Floor Standing Vanity Units
  • 1000mm Vanity Units
  • 1000mm Floor Standing Vanity Units
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