Brushed Brass Taps

Brushed Brass Bathroom Taps

Here at Trade Base we have a fantastic selection of stunning brushed brass taps to select from when you’re giving your home a makeover. Whether you’re keen to give your kitchen a new, modern look, or your bathroom a stylish overhaul, we have the ideal taps to suit your needs.

Brushed brass taps are the perfect addition to all kitchens and bathrooms thanks to their attractive, timeless look and outstanding practicality. We have a choice of styles for you to pick from, so we’re confident that you’ll have no difficulty in finding the ideal fixture to suit your décor, whether you’re creating a contemporary or traditional look.

We have a great choice of options to match your chosen style, so whether you’re looking for a brushed brass bathroom tap or kitchen tap browse through our range today, and get the inspiration you need!

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Create The Ideal Look With Stylish Brushed Brass Taps

We have a wide choice of brushed brass basin taps in a variety of designs, including pillar taps that can bring a touch of contemporary elegance to user-friendly levered taps. Perhaps you’re seeking high raise basin taps to create an eye-catching look, or a single mixer tap for convenience and functionality? Either way, we have the brushed brass bathroom tap for you.

When you need to create a modern and appealing aesthetic in your bathroom, selecting the perfect brushed brass bath taps is sure to make an enormous difference. Browse our range of brushed brass bath taps with and without shower mixers, or create a spa-like luxurious feel for your space with a bath filler that boasts a waterfall feature to make an impressive statement.

Brushed brass freestanding bath taps represent one of the top choices if you’re looking for a multifunctional fixture that doesn’t compromise on elegance or charm. Complete with a shower and bath mixer, you can opt for either a traditional handheld design featuring a larger shower nozzle or, alternatively, a contemporary square design that perfectly ties in your bathroom’s modern makeover.

If you have a bidet in your bathroom, you’ll find our brushed brass bidet taps a coordinated choice to keep your room’s style cohesive. We have a choice of beautiful brushed brass bidet taps that perfectly complement your bath and basin taps for a truly consistent aesthetic.

We also have matching brushed brass wastes and traps that will continue the theming of your space. Whether you prefer a square or round design, you can find the ideal wastes and traps to complement your brushed brass bathroom taps.

Having fittings and fixtures in your bathroom that share an identical style and look creates the most appealing aesthetic in any space, and that’s why we stock some of today’s top ranges to allow you to mix and match your favourite similar fixtures with brushed brass taps across the entire room design.

When choosing brushed brass bathroom taps, you can rest assured that we only stock the best quality and most popular ranges, including: Crosswater brushed brass taps, Britton Bathrooms brushed brass taps, and Fairford brushed brass taps.


Frequently Asked Brushed Brass Tap Questions


Why choose brushed brass taps?

Brushed brass is a top choice of finish for several kitchen or bathroom styles as it boasts a timeless aesthetic that is hard to beat. Its elegant look brings a sophisticated appeal to any space, and it looks perfect in both modern and traditionally themed rooms. As brushed brass is more unusual than classic chrome, brushed brass taps also make for an eye-catching feature in any home, and are sure to draw the eye for all the right reasons.

What is brushed brass?

As you would guess from the name, brushed brass taps are made from brass, but have been treated so they have a matt, dull look when you compare them with polished traditional brass finishes. Thanks to its matt surface, it is a durable choice and attracts fewer fingerprints when you compare it with other types of finish, allowing you to maintain its elegant look effortlessly.

Do brushed brass taps tarnish?

You can rest assured that brushed brass taps are a long-lasting investment in your bathroom since their surface is naturally durable and won’t tarnish or corrode with time. As a result, brushed brass is a great choice for your high-traffic spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms where the natural wear and tear of everyday life can easily take its toll on your fixtures.

Is it easy to care for a brushed brass tap?

Despite its attractive appearance, you don’t need to worry that brushed brass will be hard to care for. In fact, brushed brass taps are easy to care for and clean in the long term. You only need to use a mild liquid detergent or soap to ensure they stay looking in perfect condition.

What’s better, brushed brass or chrome taps?

Both brushed brass and chrome taps represent excellent choices for your bathroom or kitchen. Both are stylish and timeless, and both are very durable. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, chrome could be the right choice for you, but if you’re wanting to create a warmer and more luxurious look for your space, brushed brass taps are hard to beat.

Can I use chemicals to clean brushed brass taps?

You should avoid using any kind of harsh chemicals like bleach or acidic cleaning solutions made from mineral or alcohol-based solvents as they could damage your taps. You should also avoid using any rough brushes or scourers during the cleaning process. Soapy warm water will suffice when cleaning your taps, and you should use only microfibre cloths to get the job done to preserve the stylish look of your new tapware.

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