Chrome Taps

Trade Base has a huge range of beautiful chrome taps to choose from for your next design makeover, whether you want to create a modern look in your kitchen or a clean and elegant feel for your bathroom.

Chrome taps are a stylish addition to any kitchen or bathroom, combining a shiny exterior with excellent functionality and practicality. Available in a range of styles, you’ll always be able to find that perfect fixture to complement your design, from traditional to more contemporary styles.

Here at Trade Base, we stock a wide selection of chrome bathroom taps to perfectly match the style you want to achieve in one of the most used rooms in your home.

Browse the range now to get inspired!

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Create The Perfect Look With Sparkling Chrome Taps

We have dozens of chrome basin taps in multiple designs, ranging from pillar taps to bring contemporary appeal to easy-to-operate levered taps. We also have high rise basin taps if you’re looking for something eye-catching, or single mixer taps if you prefer the dual functionality of hot and cold in one tap.

When you want to create an appealing and modern look in your bathroom, choosing the right chrome bath taps will make a big difference. You can browse our selection of chrome bath taps which come with or without a shower mixer. If you want to create that luxurious spa-like feel in your bathroom, why not opt for a bath filler with a waterfall feature and make a real statement?

Freestanding chrome bath taps are a top choice when you need a fixture that is multifunctional but also brings an elegant charm to your bathing area. Complete with a bath and shower mixer, you can choose from traditional handheld designs with a large shower nozzle, or contemporary squared designed to perfectly tie in the modern aesthetic of your bathroom.

If your bathroom has the benefit of a bidet, then the chrome bidet taps you choose should be in keeping with the rest of the bathroom style. We offer a selection of chrome bidet taps to complement your basin and bath taps to create a consistent aesthetic.

The same goes for your matching chrome wastes and traps, so Trade Base has a variety to choose from whether you prefer round or square designs to match your chrome bathroom taps.

There’s nothing more appealing in a bathroom than a range of fixtures and fittings which all share the same look and style. It’s because of this fact that here at Trade Base we ensure we stock some of the most popular ranges so you can mix and match similar fixtures including chrome taps across your whole design.  

When it comes to chrome bathroom taps, you can be sure we have the highest quality top ranges to choose from including: Crosswater chrome taps, Britton bathrooms chrome taps, Burlington chrome taps and Fairford chrome taps.


Frequently Asked Chrome Tap Questions


Why choose chrome taps?

Chrome is a favourite finish for many styles of bathroom or kitchen thanks to its contemporary and clean appearance. The shiny surface glistens thanks to its reflective qualities, bringing a sleek and elegant look to both bathrooms and kitchens wanting to boost their aesthetic appeal. Chrome taps are the way to go if you want fixtures which are not only more affordable than other finishes, but are also very easy to maintain for years.

How long do chrome taps last?

Chrome taps are highly durable, and can last for 10-15 years when cared for and given the correct maintenance to keep them in top condition. How long chrome taps last can depend on a range of factors such as whether you are in a hard water or soft water area, how often the fixtures are used on a daily basis, and how well they are looked after. Cleaning chrome taps regularly with a simple wipe from a damp cloth will keep them looking their best, preventing the finish from tarnishing.

Are chrome taps brass underneath?

Most chrome-plated taps are made with brass underneath due to its resistance to corrosion and durability in frequent contact with water. There are also lots of products which are created with an alloy of brass or zinc as a base which is then plated with a shiny layer of chrome to give it an appealing finish. Brass is an excellent choice as it brings with it strength and hardiness while the chrome plating allows the final finish to match a range of bathroom and kitchen designs.

Are chrome taps the easiest to clean?

Chrome is by far one of the most popular finishes when being used in bathrooms and kitchens as chrome taps are one of the easiest fixtures to clean. They don’t require much maintenance, and a simple wipe with a damp cloth is usually enough to maintain their sparkle and shine for many years. Chrome cleaners are available to remove any signs of tarnishing or water spots, and you should always use a soft cloth as chrome taps can be scratched by abrasive cloths or cleaning materials.

What’s better, chrome or stainless-steel taps?

Both chrome and stainless-steel taps are a great choice whether you want to use them in your kitchen or bathroom thanks to the fact they are durable and have excellent aesthetic appeal. However, chrome has a preferred reflective appearance which is characteristic of modern and fresh spaces, whereas stainless steel taps tend to be more expensive and have a more muted finish. Chrome taps will blend in with just about any décor style you have chosen for your room.

Can you put bleach on chrome taps?

Chrome taps are relatively easy to maintain and don’t need any special chemicals or products to keep them from looking their best. When cleaning with bleach, it is best to avoid using it on your chrome taps as it may have a detrimental effect on the shiny finish. Bleach is corrosive and may cause discolouration of the chrome plating if used regularly on the product. A mild cleaner with a soft cloth is recommended for cleaning chrome. If you do get bleach on your chrome taps, rinse it with water.

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