Shower Trays

The shower tray is one of the most essential elements of your shower because it determines the shape and size of your enclosure. It needs to be carefully matched to the space you have available, before you add components such as doors. There are many different factors to consider for your shower tray such as colour, material, style and any special features such as low profile or anti-slip. Here at Tradebase you’ll find a complete range of shower trays for both big and small bathrooms, plus en suites. Browse through our selection of high-quality shower trays to find the one that’s perfect for you.

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  • Square Shower Trays
  • Rectangular Shower Trays
  • Quadrant Shower Trays
  • Offset Quadrant Shower Trays
  • Anti Slip Shower Trays
  • Walk In Trays
  • Shower Tray Riser Kits
  • Low Profile Shower Trays
  • Shower Tray Wastes
  • Shower Trays by Size
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