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Hand tools.

Hand tools are timeless. Every true craftsman, hardworking tradesman, or skilled Diy’er knows that you’ll never replace quality hand tools. At tradebase, we work on that knowledge, and our range is designed to accommodate what you need. We offer Woodworking Hand Tools, inspired by precision, Automotive Hand Tools, engineered for strength, general trade hand tools, making sure you get the job done, and value, or cheap hand tools for those one-off jobs.

Within the range, you’ll find Chisels, Grips, Pliers, Wrenches, screwdrivers and impact tools, as well as more specialist trade tools such as tile cutters, precision handsaws and pipe cutters. Our automotive range encompasses socket sets, torque wrenches, pipe flaring kits, spring compressors, gear pullers and bearing separators. We also have a wide range of general engine tools.

We’re great at narrowing down products for you, and making sure your choice is relevant for your trade. We’ve got the widest yet most relevant range of Plumbers Hand Tools, and Electricians Hand Tools, and our Carpenters Hand tools, is renowned. Remember, when you see the ‘Base Price’ Icon, you can expect the absolute best in both value and quality.


Power tools

Power tools help a job get done on time, with the right results. For every trade, they’re an essential. Using the correct right power tools will ensure that you achieve the best quality job. We try to make your choice easier with our wide, but relevant range of power tools. We carry 18v Combi Cordless Drills, SDS drills, Planers, Routers, Buscuit Joiners and Screwdrivers.

To make your job easier, we’ve arranged our power tools into specific product groups, making your choice easier.  We’ve got a professional range of workshop power tools, including lathes and grinders, alongside the essential power tools for preparing and decorating. Remember, the best power tools will not only save you the time, but will deliver a better result.

Every skilled tradesman or hardworking DIYer knows that a product range and a price range is important, making sure that the power tools that you purchase are not only relevant to your job, but also relevant to your usage – ensuring you have the right quality power tool for every usage level, DIY to professional.

For Professional tradesmen and Craftsmen, we are able to offer tradepoint discounts off every product purchased.

Remember, when you see the ‘Base Price’ Icon, you can expect the absolute best in both value and quality.

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