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Quality Screws, Nails and Fixings are essential for every tradesman, craftsman or DIY’er. Tradebase don’t just stock every type of Nail, from Paslode Pins to common and Box nails, and every type of Screw from Machine Screws to drywall screws and coated woodscrews, but our trade rates on quantities are unbeatable, and we’ll give you the best prices on tradeboxes, Screwpacks and bulk nails. We keep ourselves competitive with regular pricechecks, so wherever you see the baseprice icon, you can be confident you’re getting the best price. 

Tradebase News

Launch Of Exclusive Tradebase Brands

09.08.15  |  News

Tradebase is establishing it'self as one of the country's leading trade and DIY suppliers, and in the process, has come up with 2 exclusive bathroom brands. First, we have Sassia, a high quality Italian themed bathroom products range, focusing on....
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Tradebase News

Launch of

07.08.15  |  News

It's here! The internet's new trade and DIY store has opened, and promises low trade prices, a massive range with everything from a 30 Piece Hex Set to an elegant Free Standing Bath, and above all, reliability, simplicity and honesty as standard. .
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